D. Cutaneous diseases, 51, 2: 350. Deterges sordid ulcers, 34, 1: 384.

Lycoperdon Bovista, L

D. Hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, ulcers, intertrigo, 20, 280.

Lycopodium (Lycopodium Clavatum, L.), U.S

D. Intertrigo and moist eczema, 9, 379.

Erythema, eczema of the scrotum and breasts, and in cutaneous affections which resent aqueous or fatty applications, 26, 606.


Beside the commoner applications, I have found lycopo-dium exceedingly useful as a diluent, and more particularly for precipitated sulphur, graphites, hydrarg. ox. nig., etc.