It is advisable that milk of this nature should be made at home by means of the Allenbury peptonizing powders, Fairchild's zymine powders, or Fairchild's peptogenic milk powder, which is chiefly composed of milk sugar (vide table of analyses). Such milk can be bought ready made from some of the larger milk companies. Other predigested varieties are sold under the name of Loeflund's peptonized milk and Backhaus's milk. Some of the so-called humanized milks are prepared by partial peptonization or pan-creatisation of the milk proteins. Savory and Moore supply a condensed peptonized milk.

E. Modified Milk

Various companies and municipal bodies are supplying, for the use of infants, milk which is simply pasteurised or sterilised, or is modified in the relative percentages of its component parts before being heated. The Paget's Milk Food Company supply a milk which has a percentage composition, when diluted with one to two parts of water, of : -

Protein, 1.33-20; fats, 2.5-4.0; lactose, 50-70; salts, 0.27. Apparently a considerable amount of the casein is removed from the original milk, for the food hardly clots with rennet. Various preparations are sold under the name of Facsimile Human Milk. Sometimes this is a complete misnomer. At others it has a certain amount of justification in that the composition more or less approximates to that of human milk. Frankland's Artificial Human Milk is made by adding cream and whey to whole milk, and this is the basis of many trade preparations sold as humanized milk. Milk is also modified by the reduction in the amount of casein and the addition of lact-albumin and albumoses or peptones. Somatose Milk and Rieth's Albumose Milk are of this nature.