In uncomplicated cases, no special dieting is required except that preliminary to the treatment for expulsion of the worms. The patient after treatment should be well fed; a liberal diet including meat is indicated. In some cases, undigested food is passed per rectum, probably as a consequence of catarrhal enteritis or of fatty degeneration of the pancreas. In such cases, careful dieting may be necessary. Meat finely divided and lightly cooked may be better digested than the same article of diet cooked in the ordinary manner. Milk diluted with barley-water, so that only small curds are formed, may be given; if this is not properly digested it should be peptonized or pan-creatized.

The dieting preliminary to the active treatment for the expulsion of the worms varies to some extent with the anthelmintic to be employed. In all cases, however, the diet should be light and mainly fluid for forty-eight hours before the treatment is commenced, and no food should be taken for twelve hours before the anthelmintic is administered. Usually the last meal is taken at 6 p.m., and no food is given till after the full course of the drug treatment has been carried out early on the following morning.

If the anthelmintic selected has been thymol, no alcohol and no oils should be given before, or for at least twelve hours after, the exhibition of the drug.