A liberal dietary is requisite as this irregular fever may last for months or even years, and great debility and anaemia ensue. When the temperature is high, fluid diet only can be taken, but as soon as possible this must be supplemented with eggs, fish, and light farinaceous food. Meat must be avoided, and also heavy meals, even during the intervals when there is little or no pyrexia, as any gastro-intestinal disturbance may precipitate a relapse.


In visiting any port where Malta fever is endemic - practically most ports on the Mediterranean - special precautions with regard to milk are necessary. Cows' milk is safe; but as goats' milk is so largely used in these places, it should be made a rule that only boiled milk be consumed. It is advisable during brief visits not to take milk at all - not even with tea or coffee unless thorough boiling can be relied on.