In the dietetic treatment of oxaluria, care must be taken not to admit in the dietary food containing an abundance of oxalates, and the diet should be regulated from the point of view of treating any gastric disturbance that is present, and all articles of food liable to undergo decomposition in the stomach should be forbidden. Further, it is essential, as in the treatment of many other gastric disorders, that the food should be given in small quantities, as the stomach is so often dilated. Oxalic acid is in some respects chemically allied to uric acid, and thus may owe its origin to abnormal decomposition of protein.

Care should be taken in the dietary that the food ordered is of the simplest and freshest, and inasmuch as the gastric digestion is often inefficient, it is desirable to limit the ingestion of fluid within meals, since large quantities of fluid may seriously weaken the action of the digestive juices.