Fletcherism has become a fact.

A dozen years ago it was laughed at as the "chew-chew" cult; to-day the most famous men of Science endorse it and teach its principles. Scientific leaders at the world's foremost Universities - Cambridge, England; Turin, Italy; Berne, Switzerland; La Sorbonne, France; Berlin, Prussia; Brussels, Belgium; St. Petersburg, Russia; as well as Harvard, Yale and Johns Hopkins in America - have shown themselves in complete accord with Mr. Fletcher's teachings.

The intention of the present volume is that it shall stand as a compact statement of the Gospel of Fletcherism, whereas his other volumes treat the subject more at length and are devoted to different phases of Mr. Fletcher's philosophy. The author here relates briefly the story of his regeneration, of how he rescued himself from the prospect of an early grave, and brought himself to his present splendid physical and mental condition. He tells of the discovery of his principles, which have helped millions of people to live better, happier, and healthier lives.

Mr. Fletcher writes with all his well-known literary charm and vivacity, which have won for his works such a wide-spread popular demand.

It is safe to say that no intelligent reader will peruse this work without becoming convinced that Mr. Fletcher's principles as to eating and living are the sanest that have ever been propounded; that Fletcherism demands no heroic sacrifices of the enjoyments that go to make life worth living, but, to the contrary, that the path to Dietetic Righteousness, which Mr. Fletcher would have us tread, must be the pleas-antest of all life's pleasant ways.

Horace Fletcher's works


Thirty-fourth thousand. 462 pp.

THE NEW MENTICULTURE; or, The A-B-C of True Living. Fifty-third thousand. 310 pp.

THE NEW GLUTTON OR EPICURE; or, Economic Nutrition. Eighteenth thousand. 344 pp.

HAPPINESS as found in Forethought minus Fearthought. Fifteenth thousand. 251 pp.

THAT LAST WAIF; or, Social Quarantine. Sixth thousand. 270 pp.

FLETCHERISM: What It Is; or, How I Became Young at Sixty. Fourth thousand. 240 pp.