Pneumonia, an inflammatory disease of the lungs, calls for light stomach-digested foods quite free from fat.

The fever and weak heart action that are always present must also be taken into account. Give skimmed milk shaken with whites of eggs, or plain milk containing not over three per cent, of fat.

Continue this, if it agrees, during the acute stage of the disease. Then add, at alternate feedings, beef juice, nutritive beef tea, almond milk, strained, once a day. The white of egg shaken with skimmed milk, if it is well borne, should be continued four times a day until the physician orders a change.

Give no solid foods of any kind and be careful not to over feed, as the heart action, already very weak, must not be overtaxed.

During Convalescence Add

Milk foods such as Zoolak Koumys Matzoon Sour buttermilk Eggs, raw, with milk Egg, coddled

Beef panada


Veal broth, strained

Scraped beef cake

A little milk toast