Let it be remembered that wheat in some regards is an ideal food. It contains all the elements of nutrition (except free oil - in my opinion, an indispensable element) in about the needed proportions; and whoever makes wholemeal bread the basis of daily food, and has yet remaining enough vital force to digest and assimilate this food, is well nourished. Moreover, the fine particles of bran set up a daily inflammation in the bowels, and for years insure a daily movement. It does not matter to the victim that this daily inflammation is slowly but surely laying the foundation for a permanent derangement of the entire digestive tract, and that the great expenditure of vital force needed for the digestion and assimilation of bread is gradually but surely undermining the nervous system - the fact remains that the person is nourished, and not constipated; a most important desideratum. When anyone excludes bread and starch foods from their dietary they are apt to find two stumbling-blocks in their path; they are apt to be constipated, and apt to rely too much on watery fruits, and suffer from lack of nourishment. I explain to all that it is of the utmost importance to be well nourished, and to have a free action of the bowels, Since the nuts we can get in England (to say nothing of expense) are hard to assimilate by our bread-enfeebled digestive organs, and since the fruits of northern climates are lacking in essential (especially nitrogen) elements of nutrition, I advise that eggs, milk, or cheese be freely taken; and since these foods are of a constipating tendency, especially where the stomach and intestines have for years been inflamed by wholemeal bread, I advise that large quantities of fruit be taken daily. With these facts and principles in view it ought not to be difficult for any earnest intelligent person to escape both the Scylla and Charybdis - the constipation and lack of nourishment - of the anti-cereal food regime.

I do not claim that this changing from a life custom is an easy matter, or that it is without difficulties. It it neither. But I do claim that any person who will earnestly and persistently pursue a diet of fruit and eggs, or milk, or cheese, with or without nuts, for a time, is sure of such reward in improved health and lengthened days as is beyond my power adequately to express.

Emmet Densmore, M.D.

As elsewhere remarked, I have valued the arguments set forth in Dr. De Lacy Evans' "How to Prolong Life" more as confirmatory of the position that starch foods are calculated to undermine the nervous system, and so make way for all kinds of diseases, than as a system of itself fitted to persuade people at once to forego the use of cereal food; indeed, it is taught by Dr. Evans that all cereals ought to be wholly relinquished only after middle life. As confirmatory of the teachings of Dr. Evans, I insert a newspaper clipping, just received by a Vegetarian friend, from Buenos Ayres, South America; and I also wish to point out that the experience and the present views of Dr. Alanus are as much an argument against the usual mixed diet as against that of the Vegetarian - differing only in degree: