We have been accustomed to regard the products of nature as the legitimate prey for human self-indulgence, while comprising as such every whimsical notion of cookery, ranging from the indefinable mixtures and culinary disguises of French cookery, down to the crude, simple form of home cooking, which in an unreliable taste has its only guide, and in exterior cleanliness its only virtue. For cleanliness, no matter how near its comes to godliness, in matters of diet, nevertheless, is a very unreliable protection for a diseased stomach or kidney, over against the ravages generated from a promiscuous and unhygienic mixture of foodstuffs.

If it is true that the individual has a moral and biologic right to everything brought within his power of enjoyment, - the drunkard, opium-eater and cigarette-fiend, are equally entitled to their life-destroying indulgences. If human life and habit should be gauged only by the range and power of individual opportunity, regardless as to physiological and sociological need and usefulness, civilization and progress would inevitably run into degeneracy.

The fundamental and reassuring force in human evolution lies in the power and willingness of the individual to assert self-restraint in his relation to environments. For in this effort to resist the purely animal promptings of his sense-nature, the individual finds the mainspring and lever for an unhampered evolution of growth and power, as it is the very friction between the personal and the universal, between the individual will and the universal will, that brings out the inherent finer forces of human nature. The unresisted down-slide along the slippery path of sensual self-indulgence permits of no new evolution of energy to restore and reconstruct the dissipated emotions in the cyclic decline. The egotistical utilization of environmental opportunities, - without any other gauge or consideration of life than the power of an individual to appropriate and indulge, - saps the vital essence out of every nerve fibre, until stopped by the very fury of its consuming, insatiable desire, which by the exhausture and impotence of his nature, puts a limit to his excesses.

The very position of the individual as a free, willing agent in evolution; - the very fact of his endowment with powers and opportunities of universal application, is in itself a sign and demonstration of the responsibility with which he has been vested. The animal, lacking this power of will and self-restraint, also lacks the opportunity of unrestricted indulgence, as its functional and structural limitations, chain it to fields and conditions promotive of its evolution; - while to man the realm of nature is laid open, and a key offered him to the freedom of every domain.