"What God hath united shall men not separate," with its logical implication: what God hath separated shall men not join together - are statements as true when applied to natural relations, as to social and domestic ones. There is a positive relation between the human body - its needs and necessities - and the entities of environmental nature, growing around us. Hence each grain of a certain class of cereals differs in elemental composition from the grains of any other cereal. The oat has a molecular arrangement and atomic constitution altogether different from the barley; and the rye and wheat are grains with physiological peculiarities all their own. In our official composition-tables, standardized by the various foreign or domestic laboratories, we find only the gross constituents of grain values, while their vital-magnetic forces are ignored. And yet every grain is a radio active agent - a fullorbed, complete, magnetic entity, charged with powers and qualities, definitely related to specific needs of the human constitution.

They enter the system as carriers of specific functional values, and engage the fluids and ferments of the digestive and nutritional system in accord with their own vital-magnetic charge.

A combination of different grains at the same meal must therefore result in a disturbance of digestive and nutritional harmony, and consequently fail to accomplish the result in health and power which the digestion of grains of a single species would have accomplished. Being differently polarized, the grains of the different species enter the system along different lines of vibrations and give rise to different responses of the digestive functions. This means a confusion of the entire assimilative and nutritional process, involving the integrity of every single cell of the system in the effort of the latter to accommodate for the different key-notes of vibration.

Hence if the oat, with its peculiar magnetic verility, is chemically and physiologically combined with the constitutionally antagonistic elements contained in the congestive wheat, combustive corn or sedative rye, the ensuing neutralization of the different, opposing elements will naturally give rise to disturbances in the systemic nutrition in its effort to specialize the secretions of the digestive ferments, required to meet the heterogenous demands of the incompatible grain mixtures.

Each different grain is a biologic symphony, containing in harmonic completeness the elements representative of certain physiological powers. Hence the mixture of different species of cereals will produce the same disturbance in the digestion and nutrition of the human body as the simultaneous performance of an oration with its slow, measured rhythm, and a sonata with its quick, flowing rhythm and soft, melting accords. Applied to the processes of nutrition such discords, in the elemental fitness of foodstuffs, result in imperfect nutrition and failing health.

From this it is readily seen why the different bread-combinations of cornmeal, graham, rye, oats, flaxseed, etc., so far from being of any benefit to the system, become embarrassing obstructions in the rhythmic order of its functional exchanges. One kind of grain at a time, whether separate or in combinations, is the only safe and sane diet. Simplicity is ever the supreme factor and gauge of evolution; and to fall in line with its purpose - simplicity and unity - is to be borne, with unfailing surety, on the sweep of rhythmic power toward health, un-aging youth and tireless usefulness.