Byford. Diseases of Women. The Practice of Medicine and Surgery, as applied to the Diseases and Accidents Incident to Women. By W. H. Byford, A .m., m.d., Professor of Gynaecology in Rush Medical College and of Obstetrics in the Woman's Medical College, etc., and Henry T. Byford, m.d., Surgeon to the Woman's Hospital of Chicago; Gynaecologist to St Luke's Hospital, etc. Fourth Edition. Revised, Rewritten and Enlarged. With 306 Illustrations, over 100 of which are original. Octavo. 832 pages. Cloth, 5.00; Leather, 6.00

Cazeaux and Tarnier's Midwifery. With Appendix, by Munde. The Theory and Practice of Obstetrics ; including the Diseases of Pregnancy and Parturition, Obstetrical Operations, etc. By P. Cazeaux. Remodeled and rearranged, with revisions and additions, by S. Tarnier, m.d., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children in the Faculty of Medicine of Paris. Eighth American, from the Eighth French and First Italian Edition. Edited by Robert J. Hess, m.d., Physician to the Northern Dispensary, Philadelphia, with an appendix by Paul F. Munde, m.d., Professor of Gynaecology at the N. Y. Polyclinic. Illustrated by Chromo-Litnographs, Lithographs, and other Full-page Plates, seven of which are beautifully colored, and numerous Wood Engravings. Students' Edition. One Vol., 8vo. Cloth, 5.00; Leather, 6.00

Lewers' Diseases of Women. A Practical Text-Book. 139 Illustrations. Cloth, 2.25

Parvin's Winckel's Diseases of Women. Edited by Prof. Theophilus Parvin, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. 117 Illustrations. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. See page 3. Cloth, 3.00; Leather, 3.50

Morris. Compend of Gynaecology. Illustrated. In Press.

See pages 2 to 5 for list of New Manuals.

Winckel's Obstetrics. A Text-book on Midwifery, including the Diseases of Childbed. By Dr. F. Winckel, Professor of Gynaecology, and Director of the Royal University Clinic for Women, in Munich. Authorized Translation, by J. Clifton Edgar, m.d., Lecturer on Obstetrics, University Medical College, New York, with nearly 200 handsome illustrations, the majority of which are original with this work. Octavo. Inpress.

Landis' Compend of Obstetrics. Illustrated. 4th edition, enlarged. Cloth, 1.00 ; Interleaved for Notes, 1.25

Galabin's Midwifery. A New Manual for Students. By A. Lewis Galabin, m.d., f.r.c.p., Obstetric Physician to Guy's Hospital, London, and Professor of Obstetrics in the same Institution. 227 Illustrations. See page 3. Cloth, 3.00; Leather, 3.5c.

Glisan's Modern Midwifery. 2d Edition. Cloth, 3.0c.

Rigby's Obstetric Memoranda. By Alfred Meadows, m.d, 4th Edition. Cloth, .5c.

Meadows' Manual of Midwifery. Including the Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy, Obstetric Operations, Diseases of the Puerperal State, etc. 145 Illustrations. 494 pages. Cloth, 2.0c.

Swayne's Obstetric Aphorisms. For the use of Students commencing Midwifery Practice. 8th Ed. 12mo. Cloth, 1.2;