Yeo's Physiology. Third Edition. The most Popular Students' Book. By Gerald F. Yeo, m.d., f.r.c.s., Professor of Physiology in King's College, London. Small Octavo. 758 pages. 321 carefully printed Illustrations. With a Full Glossary and Index. See Page3. Cloth, 3.00; Leather, 3.50

Brubaker's Compend of Physiology. Illustrated. Fourth Edition. Cloth, 1.00 ; Interleaved for Notes, 1.25

Stirling. Practical Physiology, including Chemical and Experimental Physiology. 142 Illustrations. Cloth, 2.25

Kirke's Physiology. New 12th Ed. Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged. 502 Illustrations. Cloth, 4.00; Leather, 5.00

Landois' Human Physiology. Including Histology and Microscopical Anatomy, and with special reference to Practical Medicine. Third Edition. Translated and Edited by Prof. Stirling. 692 Illustrations. Cloth, 6.50; Leather, 7.50

" With this Text-book at his command, no student could fail in his examination." - Lancet.

Sanderson's Physiological Laboratory. Being Practical Exercises for the Student. 350 Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth, 5.00

Tyson's Cell Doctrine. Its History and Present State. Illustrated. Second Edition. Cloth, 2.00


Roberts' Practice. New Revised Edition. A Handbook of the Theory and Practice of Medicine. By Frederick T. Roberts, m.d. ; m.r.c.p., Professor of Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics in University College Hospital, London. Seventh Edition. Octavo. Cloth, 5.50 ; Sheep, 6.50

Hughes. Compend of the Practice of Medicine. 3d Ed. Two parts, each, Cloth, 1.00; Interleaved for Notes, 1.25

Part I

Continued, Eruptive and Periodical Fevers, Diseases of the Stomach, Intestines, Peritoneum, Biliary Passages, Liver, Kidneys, etc., and General Diseases, etc.

Part II

Diseases of the Respiratory System, Circulatory System and Nervous System; Diseases of the Blood, etc.

Tanner's Index of Diseases, and Their Treatment. Cloth, 3.00

"This work has won for itself a reputation. ... It is, in truth, what its Title indicates." - N. Y. Medical Record.