In addition to the epileptic deterioration transitory psychoses may occur which are usually characterized by a clouded mental state followed by an amnesia for external occurrences during the attack. (The hallucinatory and dream-like experiences of the patient during the attack may be vividly recalled.) Various automatic and secondary states of consciousness may occur.

According to the most prominent clinical features the epileptic mental disorders should therefore be specified as follows:

(a) Deterioration: A gradual development of mental dullness, slowness of association and thinking, impairment of memory, irritability or apathy.

(b) Clouded states. Usually in the form of dazed reactions with deep confusion, bewilderment and anxiety or excitements with hallucinations, fears and violent outbreaks; instead of fear there may be ecstatic moods with religious exaltation.

(c) Other conditions. (To be specified.)