These are often placed in a single group under the name of hallucinations of general sensibility.

Hallucinations of touch are frequent in certain toxic psychoses (delirium tremens, cocaine delirium), and in chronic delusional states. The patients feel the breath of somebody or the contact of something; they feel as though spiders are crawling upon their bodies, or they may have a sensation of being bound in an entangled mass of cords.

Closely related to the above are hallucinations of the genital sense, which are encountered in mania, and in many other acute and chronic psychoses. They consist of either painful or voluptuous imaginary sensations. When they coexist with perfect lucidity they generally indicate a very grave prognosis.

Hallucinations of the thermal sense and of the sense of pain are a feature of chronic delusional states. The patients complain of being burned alive, that their body is being pierced with a red-hot iron, that they are being thrown off from their chair, that they are made to experience shocks like those of electric discharges, etc.