treatment of disease, the kinds of baths most used are the warm and the hot bath. We may call it warm from 900 to 960 Fahr., and hot from 960 to 100°. It never need be hotter than this last figure.

Warm baths are very often useful, for, relaxing and tranquillizing the system. In. croup, convulsions, and lockjaw, as examples, such effects are often well obtained.

Hot Baths though less frequently called for, are sometimes very serviceable ; especially in cold and low states of the system. Chronic rheumatism is one of the affections likely to be benefited by it.

Hot Dry Air Baths (Russian bath) are occasionally advised by physicians, in obstinate prolonged skin affections, etc.

Vapor or Steam Baths are occasionally used for the application of heat and moisture to the body. They are not safe beyond the temperature of 110, or possibly, for a short time, 120°. Moisture conveys heat to the body much more rapidly than dry air at the 502 same temperature. A steam bath may be given, by the patient being stripped of clothing, and seated in a chair, wrapped, chair and all, in a blanket; his head only projecting above the latter. Then vapor may be generated by dropping very hot bricks into a pail of water placed between his feet. As above said, care must be taken about the temperature ; and, on the whole, it will be hardly best to resort to a vapor bath without the advice of a physician,