A very familiar article this is, in the nursery, for sore mouth. It is a mineral astringent, milder than alum, and may be used more freely ; either dissolved in water as a wash, or in powder with sugar, put with the finger right on the sore spot in the mouth.

Bromides: Potassium, Sodium and Lithium. These "bromides" are nervous sedatives; tranquillizing an excited brain in a different way from opium ; having less sleep-compelling power than it. Bromide of potassium is largely prescribed by physicians for epilepsy and some less serious but obstinate troubles of the nervous system. Bromide of sodium has the same sort of effect, but perhaps is more agreeable to the stomach; and the same is true of bromide of lithium. Bromide of ammonium is less often used for similar effects. Bromo-caffeine often helps nervous headaches.

Dose, of either, five to fifteen or twenty grains, in water. The largest doses are best borne when taken at bedtime. Long use of large doses of either of the bromides sometimes causes an eruption on the skin, and some other unpleasant symptoms, called bromism, by physicians. For any one who suffers greatly from the sting of a bee, or other insect, twenty-grain doses of bromide of potassium may be advised.