The following points will help to determine the nature of a suspicious illness:


Rash or Eruption


Duration in Days



Small rose pimples changing to vesicles

2d day of fever or after 24 hours illness . .


Scabs from about fourth day of fever.

Erysipelas ....

Diffuse redness and

2d or 3d day of illness.


Small red dots like flea

4th day of fever or after 72 hours' ill-


Rash fades on 7th day.

Scarlet Fever . .

Bright scarlet, diffused

2d day of fever or after 24 hours' illness. .


Rash fades on 5th day.


Small red pimples changing to vesicles, then pustules . . .

3d day of fever or after 48 hours' illness . .


Scabs form 9th or 10th day, fall off about 14th.

Typhoid Fever . .

Rose-colored spots

11th to 14th day . . .


Accompanied by diar-rhoea.

It will often relieve a mother's anxiety to know how long there is danger of infection after a child has been exposed to a contagious disease. The following table gives the information concerning the more important diseases:


Symptoms Appear

Period Ranges from

Patient is Infectious


On 14th day

10 to 18 days

Until all scabs have fallen off.

Diphtheria ............

" 2d day

2 to 5 days

14 d's after disappearance of membrane.

Measles *

" 14th day

10 to 14 days

Until scaling and cough have ceased.


" 19th day

16 to 24 days

14 days from commencement.


" 14th day

12 to 20 days

10 to 14 days from commencement.

Scarlet Fever

" 4th day

I to 7 days

Until all scaling has ceased.


" 12th day

1 to 14 days

Until all scabs have fallen off.

Typhoid Fever

" 21st day

1 to 28 days

Until diarrhoea ceases.

Whooping cough

" 14th day

7 to 14 days

Six weeks from beginning to whoop.

* In measles the patient is infectious three days before the eruption appears.

+ In whooping-cough the patient is infectious during the primary cough, which may be three weeks before the whooping begins.