Articles which cause vomiting. The most important occasion for their use is when poison is known to have been swallowed. Then the quicker and the more thoroughly the stomach is emptied, the better.

Handy emetics in every house are mustard, a teaspoonful, or salt, a tablespoonful, in a teacupful of warm, not hot, water. Let it all be swallowed at once; and follow it in ten minutes with another teacupful of warm water, if it has not in that time taken effect.

Among emetic medicines, ipecacuanha is the mildest and safest, and it is usually active enough. In bad cases of croup, with formation of membrane in the throat, alum may be added to it. Of powdered ipecac. a teaspoonful will usually produce vomiting; of the syrup, a teaspoonful, perhaps needing to be repeated; of the fluid extract, half a teaspoonful.

Tartar emetic (tartrate of antimony and potassium) is too severe and prostrating an emetic for use, at least as a domestic medicine. There are other mineral emetics (sulphate of zinc, sulphate of copper, etc.) which ought never to be used except under medical advice.