This makes a good soothing drink, flaxseed tea, for sore throat. Pour half a pint of boiling water upon a table-spoonful of whole flaxseed, and stir it up for a few minutes. Then let it stand covered for a few minutes more; but do not put it on the fire to boil, as that would bring out the oil (linseed oil), which is not good to drink. What is wanted in the tea is only the mucilage of the seeds. Lemon-juice and sugar added will make flaxseed tea more agreeable.

Flaxseed meal makes a good warm and soft poultice. Mix a sufficient portion of the meal with hot water, into a mushy mass. Spread this with a tablespoon on a piece of thin flannel or old muslin ; then double in half an inch of the edge all around, to keep the poultice from oozing out. The best 508 way to have a poultice warm when put on, is to spread it on a hot plate, close by the person to whom it is to be applied. When it is on, cover it. at once with a piece of oiled silk, oiled paper, or thin rubber cloth, to keep the moisture in. Without this it win dry up very soon.

A very little sweet oil or fresh lard put over the surface of a poultice before applying it will make it more soothing and more easily removed. For the latter purpose a piece of tarletan or gauze may be laid over it before it is applied. When pain in the part is severe, a teaspoonful or two of laudanum may be poured over the poultice before putting it on.