Any of the joints maybe wrenched or sprained, without actual displacement. This happens often with the ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, fingers, etc. The ligaments are then stretched, and some of their fibres may be torn or broken. Hence follows more or less inflammation, and lameness until the ruptured ligaments have time to heal again. Since the "fibrous tissue" of which they consist has only a low grade of vitality, and not much blood is given for nourishment of the joints, this process" of repair in them is slow. A sprained ankle or knee may be longer in getting well than a broken leg would be. At least this is apt to be the case unless the sprained joint has given to it the best chance possible from the first. This is to be had by the patient giving up to rest it completely as soon as it is hurt. This inflammation may be averted or kept low, and a moderate sprain may get well in a few days.