Pain in one of the ears, earache, may be either inflammatory or neuralgic. Other signs must be considered along with it to show which it is.

Ringing in the ears occurs from either of at least two or three causes, to distinguish between which is not always easy. Large doses of quinine, and of one or two other powerful medicines, will make many people's ear ring or roar. Disease of the ear will often produce this symptom, even when the disease is not severe at the time. In other instances, brain exhaustion, or congestion (overfulness of blood) of the brain, may give rise to it. If it be heard only in one ear, we may be confident that the cause is in that ear itself.

Deafness, or hardness of hearing, in various degrees, may proceed from cold in the head, very large doses of quinine, typhus or typhoid fever, wax accumulated in the ears, disease or injury of the ears, brain disease.