Flesh-Worms — Blackheads— Comedones.—This is a skin-disease, occurring about the face and chest of young people, and very disfiguring in appearance; it is situated in the oil-glands of the skin, the function of which is to lubricate the hair; the gland becomes filled by the secretion, which dries, and by its irritating presence sets up more or less inflammation in the little gland and its duct; as the production of the oily material progresses, the accumulation causes the orifice of the duct to rise slightly above the level of the skin, and dust adhering to the projecting cheesy material, gives to the disease the characteristic appearance whence it derives its name. The disease, though harmless in its nature, may last a long time, as fresh spots often appear as the old ones are healing.

Treatment consists of careful regulation of the general health, pressing out the little masses as they accumulate, and thorough cleanliness. Tarsoap and plenty of friction of the skin should be used.


Give Bromide of Arsenic, sixth decimal, four times a day at first, then twice or once a day is almost a specific.