A most useful gum, from evergreen tree native to the south and east of Asia. Everyone knows its white or colorless transparency, its peculiar odor, and pungent and yet cooling taste. It is volatile; that is, if left in the air it will slowly go off in vapor. Very little of it will dissolve in water. Camphor-water is a very mild preparation. Spirit of camphor, made with alcohol, is much stronger. Camphor is a composing medicine to the nerves; somewhat more stimulant than assafoetida. In very large doses it is narcotic.

Camphor-water is an excellent tranquillizer for restless babies; being also, like the spices, warming to the stomach, and somewhat anodyne, it is excellent in colic. Spirit of Camphor is best when an anodyne effect is specially needed; as in colic of grown people.

Dose of Camphor-water, from a teaspoonful (an infant dose) to a tablespoonful. Of Spirit of Camphor, from ten to thirty drops; on sugar, and stirred in water, or in a thick syrup, as spiced syrup of rhubarb. When dropped into water, the alcohol unites with the water and "throws down" the camphor in little white flakes.

Paregoric is a camphorated tincture of opium.