A strong, warming aromatic, from flower-buds of the caryophyllus aromaticus of the East Indies. A hot tea is sometimes made of cloves, to be given in cholera-morbus.

If the oil should be taken, for colic, its dose would be not more than a drop or two, on a lump of sugar, followed by a drink of cold water. The tea may be made by pouring a teacupful of boiling water on half a teaspoonful of cloves, covering and leaving it to stand for a few minutes. Dose, a dessertspoonful (two teaspoonfuls, or half a tablespoonful).

Oil of cloves is a good remedy for toothache in a hollow tooth. Wet a pledget of cotton well with it, and push it into the cavity of the tooth with the end of a bodkin or knitting-needle.