Colic is the painful spasmodic contraction of the muscular fibers of the bowels, occasioned by the presence of an undue amount of wind, or of some irritating matter; it may also be brought on by exposure to cold.


Hot applications to abdomen. Carbo veg., if sour eructations. Colocynth, sharp, cutting pains, obliging one to bend double which relieves. Dioscorea, severe, dull or snarp pains, better bending backwards. Chamomilla, if the pain begins in small of back and runs down to region of the bladder with vomiting. Nux vomica, dull aching pains, if caused by unripe fruit. Costive, Pulsatilla, from food, especially greasy food. Plumbum, violent colic with great contraction of abdomen in region of navel.