Food may in various ways give rise to disease. Over-eating is one source of injury to the system. Part of the food is not absorbed, and may become putrid in the intestines, causing dyspepsia, constipation, or diarrhoea. If the excess consumed is principally in the nitrogenous materials, it leads to an increase of the chemical changes in the body, and the person tends to become thin rather than the contrary. It may cause gouty conditions and disease of the kidneys and blood-vessels. Excess of starchy and sugary foods often causes acidity and flatulence and great fattiness of the body, as is also the case with excess of fatty food.

Deficiency of Food produces gradual loss of flesh and weakness of all the bodily organs, particularly of the heart. The body is, moreover, little able to resist cold and various diseases, and thus half-starved people are easily attacked by fevers and consumption.

Bad Proportion of Food Stuffs.

If food is not given in about the right proportions, various dyspeptic troubles may arise, and the body will not be properly nourished. Similarly, eating food in a hurry, bad cooking of food, and a bad arrangement of meals, the food being taken too often or too seldom, or too much taken at one time and too little at another, will lead to stomach troubles.