Many of the diseases and disorders of the bladder are brought on by carelessness, neglect, or too great subservience to the conventional restraints of society; those persons, especially, who habitually or necessarily are frequently compelled to restrain the desire, and forego for a time the relief of emptying a distended bladder, are liable to affections of the organ. In early childhood, but sometimes even beyond puberty, the bladder habitually empties itself during sleep; night after night this occurs, and proves a serious annoyance and expense too, from the consequent destruction of bedding. The habit or disorder is sometimes extremely difficult, if not quite impossible, to eradicate. The regular use of the cold hip-bath every morning is one of the most efficient remedies.


Aconite, inflammation and strangury from colds. Cantharis, painful even bloody urine, or suppression, especially during fevers. For stoppage, or very painful urination in old people; there may be bloody mucus or pus. Polytrichium juniperum tincture, five or ten drops at a dose every fifteen minutes for a few doses, then every two, three, four, or six hours; or a decoction by steeping it in water and half-teaspoonful doses given. Hyoscyamus, for weakeness, dribbling, or inability to retain the urine in elderly people. For children or young people who wet the bed the third dilution of the so-called mullen-oil, made from the buds and blossoms of the mullen, and introduced to the profession by Dr. A. M. Cushing of Springfield, Mass., is nearly an infallible cure.

Cantharis Yittata.

Cantharis Vesicatoria.