As the digestive organs and all those parts of the body which have to do with nutrition have been weakened by the disease it is important to select food which is easily digested and assimilated and to avoid food which produces indigestion or clogs up the system. The best food for the treatment of tuberculosis is milk and the next best eggs. A good plan is to take three quarts of milk and six raw eggs a day and one meal of solid food. The mistake is often made of trying to take a large amount of milk and eggs and three meals a day. This should not be done because the digestive system gets overburdened and the change of food into tissue is incomplete by reason of the fatigue of the organs. For the solid meal beef steak, roast beef, roast mutton or mutton chops, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit should be taken. This meal should be eaten carefully and at least an hour should be devoted to it. The solid meal may be taken in the middle of the day or in the evening. Pastry and starchy food which has been fried in grease should under no circumstances be used by a tuberculous subject.