The following household remedies are suggested for the family medicine chest:

Medicine Chest.

Castor-Oil, Essence of Ginger, Spiced Syrup of Rhubarb, Simple Syrup of Rhubarb, Camphor-water, Lime-water, Cinnamon-water, Paregoric, Spirits of Camphor, Spirits of Hartshorn, Landanum, Syrup of Ipecacuanha, Syrup of Squills, Sweet Spirits of Nitre, Hoffmann's Anodyne, Chalk Mixture Powder, Compound Spirits of Lavender, Anodyne Carminative (Cholera Mixture,) Tincture of Arnica, Soap Liniment, Essence of Peppermint, Spirits of Turpentine, Collodion, Aromatic Spirit3 of Ammonia, Tincture of Capsicum, Aromatic Sulphuric Acid, Wine of Colchicum, Glycerine.