As a brief summary statement of the most essential conditions of health and longevity, we may conclude our study of Hygiene with the following precepts:

1.   Never breathe three breaths of foul air when you can get out from it into that which is fresh, or can get fresh air into the place where you are.

2.  Eat when you are hungry, and only wholesome food. Eat slowly, and stop as soon as hunger is satisfied.

3.   Drink pure water when you are thirsty; take milk as part of your daily food; a cup of tea, not too strong, if you like it, or cocoa; but coffee only when you are very tired; and alcoholic beverages, while in good health and strength, never. Also, make no use of tobacco.

4.   Dress always with a view to comfort and convenience; not compressing the chest, nor impeding the movement of any of the limbs.

5.  Be careful to maintain a regular habit of daily movement of the bowels.

6.   Rest, if you can, when tired, and sleep when sleepy. Take eight hours of sleep every night; more, if you feel the need of it, and can get it.

7.  Work regularly at something every day, and do the best you can throughout; but avoid over-work. The sign of it is, that you wake up tired, not refreshed, in the morning.

8.  Never do any regular week-day labor (simple unavoidable small chores excepted) on the first day of the week. Make it a day of repose and renovation for mind and body.

9.  However rich you may be, do not make pleasure the aim and object of life; it will wear you out faster than work, or even worry.

Lastly, let every day be cheered by sunshine from above, and brightened by the hope of a better life to come.