This is an active but mild emetic in large dose. In smaller quantities, it is an excellent loosener of cough (expectorant), and also a promoter of perspiration (diaphoretic). It is one of the best of remedies in dysentry, in a way not exactly explained. Used in powder (chiefly as an emetic, except when made into pills), syrup and wine. The syrup of ipecac, ought to be in every family medicine chest. It is the best first medicine in croup and in bronchitis (a heavy cold on the chest, with cough at first dry, and needing to be loosened). Also, it will answer as an emetic. Dose, to cause vomiting, a teaspoonful, repeated in ten or fifteen minutes if it does not take effect. As a cough-loosener (expectorant), five to ten drops for an infant, a quarter to a half teaspoonful for a grown person. While moving about, a quarter teaspoonful will usually be enough; half a teaspoonful will not often sicken the stomach if taken lying down, or just before going to bed. The wine of ipecac, is very similar in effect to the syrup, but is rather stronger; and the form of syrup has some advantage for use as an expectorant medicine.