Cover two tablespoonfuls of tapioca with a full teacupful of cold water, and let it soak for several hours. Put it then into a pint of boiling water, and boil it until it is clear and as thick as is wanted. Sugar, nutmeg, lemon, etc., may be used to season it.

Sago Jelly.

Mix well together four tablespoonfuls of sago, the juice and rind of one lemon, and a quart of water. Sweeten to taste, let it stand half an hour, and then boil it, stirring constantly until clear.

Gelatine Food.

Soak for a short time in cold water a piece of prepared gelatine two inches square. Boil it, then, in half a pint of water until it dissolves, which will take ten or fifteen minutes. Rub a tea-spoonful of arrow-root into a paste with a little cold water, and stir it into the gelatine water at the end of its boiling. Add also from six to twelve tablespoonfuls (according to the child's age) of milk, from one to four tablespoonfuls of cream, and a moderate amount of loaf-sugar.