This is perhaps one of the most painful affections to which the human body is liable. In most instances the pain is the only symptom; in some it is accompanied with marked constitutional or local ailment. The most general seat of neuralgic pain is in the head or face; but the fingers, the chest, the abdomen, etc., may any of them constitute its site. When the great nerve of the leg is affected with neuralgia, the disorder is known as Sciatica.


Belladonna for neuralgia of the head, or in any part, if pain comes suddenly and goes suddenly; Avena for pain in back of head. Gelsemium, pain, with dark red face and pain in side of face. Kalmia Latifolia is the remedy for facial neuralgia. Glonoine, pain in head, head feels large, and the pain is relieved by lying down; worse on rising. Nux vomica, neuralgia of the head, begins in the morning, lasts all day, better in the evening, with sour, bitter vomiting. Sanguinaria, pain begins in back of head, extends over to the front of the head, and settles over right eye.