Scarlet fever belongs to the class of eruptive fevers, and is characterized by symptoms so well marked that it can scarcely be mistaken for any other disease, even by unprofessional persons.

The first symptom complained of, in the incipient stage of scarlet-fever, is sore-throat, either accompanied or quickly succeeded by the usual symptoms of a feverish attack, shivering, headache, loss of appetite, generally vomiting, followed by heat of skin, quick pulse, and thirst. The eruption appears early, on the second day after the first symptoms of indisposition. It first shows itself in the form of minute red points on the chest and arms, especially about the elbows, the points becoming more numerous till they form one diffused surface of a tolerably bright scarlet eruption, which extends to the neck, face, abdomen and body generally.


Belladonna is nearly a sure preventive of pure scarlet fever. Aconite, in the commencement, nervous, high fever, and delayed eruptions. Belladonna, for fever, headache, sore throat, stupid. Cantharis, for suppressed urination, and sometimes Apis for the same trouble with dropsy. If it puts on a malignant form, Ailanthus is the remedy or alternated with Lachesis. For the dropsy, if Apis does not relieve, make a decoction of the common white field bean (bean and pod), and let them drink freely of it for a few hours.