With the very best treatment recovery from tuberculosis is a very slow process. Restoration of physical health comes much quicker than complete recovery from the disease. This often leads to mistakes because people who look well and feel well cannot convince themselves that they are not well, and sometimes being thus misled do things which lead to fatal relapses. The time which it takes for recovery depends upon the advancement of the disease, the amount of tissue involved and the amount of tissue destroyed. When a patient comes under treatment very early he may recover in six months and when he comes under treatment very late if he recovers at all it may take him from six to ten years. No time can really be fixed for recovery and every case in this matter must be a law to itself. After a great deal of tissue has been destroyed recovery never again becomes complete in the sense that the person is as well as he was before he took sick. Such persons, no matter how well they get, should always be content with a half loaf. Even those who have not had the disease very far advanced will always have to live pretty much the same life which led to their recovery in order to stay well.