Vel Obliquus, vel transversalis. They are situated on the back part of the arytaenoid cartilage. They are very small muscles which run upon the surface of the greater arytaenoid muscles: they arise from that part of each of the cartilagines arytaenoideae, next the cricoides on the other sides, and terminating in that part of the other or adjoining the arytaenoidal cartilage that is furthest from the cricoides on the other sides. Their use is to assist the arytaenoidei majores in their action, which is much strengthened by the manifest decussation of their fibres. Douglas.

ArytaeNoidei majores. They are under the arytaenoidei minores. They have an insertion into the annular cartilage, and help to close the glottis. They arise fleshy from the arytaenoid cartilages near their junction with the cricoid cartilages, and running transversely of an equal breadth, with straight fibres, they are inserted into the same side of the other cartilage. Their use is to shut the rimula, or chink called glottis, by bringing these two cartilages nearer one another.