(From Blenorrhagia And Blenorrcha 1436 mucus, and fluo). A newly formed genus of disease, to supersede the probably too general use of catarrhus. It is intended to include the mucous discharges, but it should have been confined to those from the genital and urinary systems.

We shall divide them into discharges from venereal, from miscellaneous acrimony, and from relaxation. For the first, see Gonorrhoea. The acrimony we have styled miscellaneous, may be any internal irritation, the stimulus of cantharides, or some other poison; gouty irritation, calculus, and cancer. See Strangury and Cancer.

The blenorrhoea is attended with very slight, if any, inflammation; though this may be occasionally excited by free living, riding on horseback, excess of venery, or either of the former acrimonies. But, except from the venereal poison, this superadded inflammation is transitory. The discharge may occur from any part of the urinary or genital organs. See Gonorrhcea benigna, Leucorrhcea, Catarrhus vesicae.