Also deprimens, (from deprivo, to pull, or draw down). In anatomy, a name applied to several muscles, because they depress the parts to which they are fastened.

Depressor anguli oris. A name given by

.Albinus to the depressor labiorum communis. It rises from the outer part of the lower edge of the lower jaw, at the side of the chin, and is continued outwardly, to the greater zygomaticus, to the nasalis of the upper lip, and thence into the outer part of the orbicularis, where it surrounds the upper lip at the corner of the mouth. It extends and joins the elevator of the corner of the mouth.

Depressor epiglottidis. It rises from the ligament on the thyroid cartilage on its fore part, and is inserted in the epiglottis, near its basis, on each side.

Depressor labiorum communis. See Depressor anguli Oris.

Depressor labii superioris; triangularis, constrictor ale nasi. It rises from the sockets of the in-cisores, runs to the superior part of the upper lip, and sends some fibres to the nose.

Depressor Ocull: humilis rectus inferior, depri-mens musculus inferior. It rises tendinous from the back part of the socket, cohering in some measure with the covering of the optic nerves, and is inserted into the fore part of the sclerotica, after running under the eye.

Depressor supercilii. See Corrugator coi-tekii.