(From Dyspermatismus 3106 difficulter, and semino,) agenesia. Dr. Cullen places this genus of disease in the class locales, and order epischeses, which he defines a slow or impeded emission in coition of the semen virile, insufficient for the purpose of generation. The first species is,

1. Dyspermatismus urethralis, when the cause of obstruction is in the urethra.

2. Dyspermatismus nodosus,when a tumour is formed in either corpus cavernosum penis.

3. Dyspermatismus praeputialis, when the impediment is from a straitness of the orifice of the prepuce.

4. Dyspermatismus mucosus, when the urethra is obstructed by a viscid mucus.

5. Dyspermatismus hypertonicus, when there is an excess of erection of the penis.

6. Dyspermatismus epilepticus, from epileptic fits coming on during coition.

7. Dyspermatismus ephractodes, from a want of vigour in the genitals.

8. Dyspermatismus refluus, in which the men is thrown back into the urinary bladder. see Sterilitas.