(From Encauma 3351 and burn). The scoriae of silver, as well as the mark left by a burn, and a pustule produced by the same cause. It is also the appellation of a superficial ulceration on the eye. Those ulcerations on the eyes, from defluxions of humours, receive, according to AEtius, different names: when formed on the pupil, covering a great part of it, and of a bluish colour, it is called caligo: when the ulcer is less wide, but deeper, and seated in the pupil, nubecula: when the surface of the pupil appears rough, and of an ash colour, epicauma: and when, after a fever, the ulcer has a sordid crust, seated either on the pupil or the white part of the eye, encauma; which when fixed in the pupil, all the humours of the eye are mixed, and the organ is destroyed. In the beginning of these cases, relief is sometimes obtained by keeping the bowels loose. White's Surgery, p. 229.