(From Hyopharynaegus 4369 the hyoid bone, and the pharynx). The hyopharyngaei muscles, in general are those which on each side are inserted into the os hyoides; and they may be reckoned three pair, viz. the basio pharygaei, cerato pharyngaeus major el minor; coming from the basis and the horns of the os hyoides. Innis calls it constrictor pharyngis me-dius. It arises from the appendix of the os hyoides, from the cornu of that bone, and from the ligament which connects it to the thyroid cartilage; the fibres of the superior part, running obliquely upwards, and covering a considerable part of the superior constrictor (i. e. ce-phato pharyngaeus,) terminate in a point. It is inserted in the middle of the cuneiform process of theosoccipitis, before the foramen magnum, and jointed to its fellow at a white line, in the middle back part of the pharynx. The fibres at the middle part run more transversely than those above or below. Its use is to compress that part of the pharynx which it covers, and to draw it with the os hyoides upwards. See Pharynx.