Though civilization increases the saturation point, and though savages left to themselves cannot exist in thick masses, yet it is an apparent paradox that when lower races have civilization forced upon them, they can exist in masses too dense for the race which upholds the civilization. It is due to the fact that the higher the race, the greater are its necessities. Things necessary to a higher are luxuries to the lower, or may even be injurious. Hence, in the slums of our cities are dense masses of lower races in houses once occupied by a few Aryans, and the descendants of these Aryans have moved out to the suburbs where they have the same density of population as their ancestors. All the lower races in civilization, then, are actually a species of animal under domestication, increased in number hugely by the sanitation forced upon them and kept up by the Aryans. Hence, there is a complete commensalism between the Aryan and every lower race living in his civilization.

There is not the slightest doubt that this country's prosperity is in great part due to the labors of the Turanian (or Alpine) and Semitic (or Mediterranean) types. The Aryan type cannot do the labor, particularly in the mines and on the Southern farms, though it generally furnishes the guiding power. Nevertheless the exceptional abilities, developed among the other types now and then, have been our salvation. Abraham Lincoln was of the brunet prehistoric non-Aryan type of England. Some of our best and most valuable citizens are of the Jewish faith, and that means, of course, that they are of any race. Caesar was probably a Mediterranean, though his portraits make him an Aryan of the North, and Napoleon was of the same race as Hannibal - a Mediterranean. Similarly we find that an enormous number of our great men in every walk of life are brunets, and generally of the Mediterranean or neolithic type - what we have called Semitic - men of short stature, long head, long, oval, refined face which does not project as in the negro and does not have prominent cheek bones. The English type of the bronze age - the broad head with rugged features and beetling brows, is generally submerged and as a rule does not furnish as much brain as its continental form, the Alpine type. As before explained, England's greatness depends upon the Aryan types which have migrated to it, but the other types, as in America, do furnish great men as occasional variations from the average. Although we have derived enormous benefit from the non-Aryan elements in the population, there is an intense prejudice against them similar to those curious outbreaks against alien races so noticeable throughout Europe. It seems as though disturbance always results if one type becomes so strong as to injure the other. They must preserve a proper balance. Ma-haffy* speaks of the alien shopkeepers of ancient Greece, disqualified from citizenship, so that no citizen could afford to engage in trade - taxed in peace, persecuted and plundered in days of danger and distress, recouping themselves by enormous profits and usury - and he compared them with the "Jews in the Middle Ages, who lived all through the cities of Europe without civic rights, or landed property, merely by trade and usury. They were despised and persecuted, but still tolerated as useful, and even necessary by the governments of those days." It is quite likely that these shopkeepers of ancient Greece were the descendants of Semites who ruled the land prior to the Aryan invasion, and identical with the modern Greek shopkeepers who have percolated through Europe, America and Asia as far as the interior Philippine towns. This is so important to America, which has derived such incalculable benefits from the Jewish citizens, that it is necessary to go into more details.

* "Old Greek Life".