The Aryan, being a democrat by natural selection, demands a share in the management of every enterprise in which he engages - a vote. He introduces a spirit of democracy into all modern industrial organizations which at present are essentially monarchical because each one, as a rule, is an organization built up by one man who employs the labor. Hence, we find in modern life a fight for the recognition of the unit workman who demands a democratic share in the management. His fight differs in no respect in principle from the fight which the men of Great Britain have made for a share in the management of the Government. Factory owners and employers of labor have naturally assumed an attitude toward their employees, precisely the same as that of the medieval king to his subjects. It is not rash to prophesy that the outcome of the present industrial fight for a democratic status, will be as successful as the political fights have been. We may safely predict that in the future, the capitalist or employer must consult his laborers and their interests exactly as the king consults the opinions and welfare of his subjects. It cannot fail to force itself into our great industries, for it is natural law - the force which looks after the interest of the unit - the centrifugal or democratic force without which the organism will ruin itself because it does not preserve the efficiency of its component units - the workingmen.

It may not be the present labor unions which will bring about this recognition of the will of the workingman. They occupy so extreme a position that if their policy were carried out they would strengthen the units too greatly and at such an expense of the organism as to destroy it. The constant cry to-day from manufacturers is, that if the labor unions could enforce all their demands, factories would close, as they would be unprofitable. In Australia and New Zealand society is being dreadfully weakened by this same exaggerated attention to the welfare of the unit at the expense of the organism. Many a writer has called attention to the bad results already in evidence - factories have been closed by the dozens and capitalists refuse to invest where they are liable to lose all. It is an illustration of unbridled democracy - the units are destroying themselves, population is diminishing and wealth will consequently decrease. Both in America and England factories have also been closed by the excessive demands of the workers, who killed the goose laying the golden egg. In each country we see the tendency of owners in self protection to take employees into a limited partnership - share owners - and thus all industrial works are becoming true organisms like a nation.