The flooding from Scandinavia into England was checked by the Roman conquest, but when that control ceased wave after wave of high Aryan types flowed over - Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Danes and Scandinavians. The latter, who have peopled so much of Scotland and North Ireland are actually flowing into England from these two places at present.

* Century, July, 1889.

Aryan Scandinavians who migrated south became the ruling type far back in prehistory. They formed numerous petty kingdoms with Asiatic peasantry and Aryan aristocrats. In Poland, for instance, the heroes, such as Koskiosko, were blond-German types, but the mass of the people were Turanians and intruded Jews. Finally the pressure from Siberia became too great for these petty kingdoms in Western Russia to withstand, so they were compelled to call in the Scandinavian, Rurik, to form a confederacy, but he went further and organized the Russian Government which still exists. The nation now consists of innumerable Asiatic races consolidated and ruled by blond Aryans who required only a few centuries to extend their sway to the Pacific. The "black earth" region of Russia was under that great inland sea which so recently dried up. Probably early long heads existed on its western shores, for the remains of stone implements of the early stone ages are found at great depths in the soil laid down by this water. The earliest known skulls in this region are long, but these primitive men were finally completely routed out, and the present occupants are Asiatics.

The photographs of Russian troops show typical Asiatics carrying the guns, but the typical Aryans are nearly all carrying swords. There is a closer blood relationship between the Japanese and the Russian soldier than there is between the Russian Aryan officers and their soldiers. The Aryan was using one of the westernmost branches of the Turanians as tools to fight one of the easternmost branches - the Japanese. There are variations in every race - some men being abler than others, both intellectually and physically. Hence, we find numerous blond types among the Russian soldiery and numerous Asiatic broad-headed men in higher positions. It is noteworthy that many of the generals and officials notorious for their cruelty belong to the Asiatic race - indeed, some of them, notably Generals Saharoff and Dragomiroff, who were assassinated, were almost Mongolian.

Tartar Streams

The yellow invasion of Europe was finally stopped by the organization of the medieval governments for defense. This barrier dammed back a stream which had been flowing west for 12,000 years. No wonder it sought new outlets to the south, and that the Turks and other Turanians overran the Mohammedan Empire, accepting the religion of the Mediterranean types. Centuries earlier than this, hordes of them entered China from the west and originated the Chinese Empire. The movement is going on yet, and the Southern drift of Tartars into China has been perpetual. The great wall was a stupendous effort to exclude vigorous Northern invaders. It was preceded by an earlier wall and that by a stockade showing that the Southern drift is many thousands of years old. The Chinese after overcoming earlier arrivals have themselves been repeatedly conquered by Tartars, Mongols, Mings, Manchus, and the same type managed by Russian Aryans is swarming south for the same purpose, and would have repeated history were it not for the organization of the Japanese, who decline to be submerged. The Chinese themselves are constantly spreading in all directions in obedience to the same internal pressure of overpopulation. They move mostly to the south. They have percolated all through Malasia, where they practically control the retail trade and much of the wholesale. If we would permit, they would percolate through America and control many small trades and perhaps some of the large affairs.