It is quite evident that nitrogen is and always has been the most difficult food to obtain. The monkeys search for it, in the midst of a profusion of fruits. Savage man was always on the hunt for fish and game, even if vegetables were ample. In barbarous civilizations the same rule holds. Hence, the large demand and small supply has always made nitrogen foods the most expensive - milk, meat, eggs - and the more concentrated the nitrogen the higher the price. That is, the very foods the poor need most are the ones furthest out of their reach. As previously explained, there is not enough money to prevent tuberculosis, and we can now assert that there is not enough nitrogen to cure it. The mortality must continue until the susceptible are wiped out and the race as immune as goats.

* Boston Transcript.

*  A foreign news note says: "The Belgians have long been accustomed to horse meat as food, but of late importations of the animals, mainly from England, have shown so many that were emaciated, weak and obviously unfit for food that the Superior Council of Agriculture has recommended that such importations shall cease, or that broken down horses, unfit for work, shall be classified as cattle, in which case the high duty will keep them out. The measure has not yet been adopted, however, owing to the difficulty in finding a substitute for horse meat, which is, in many cases, the only kind which the poorer classes are able to afford".

It is now known that the reason for the trend of the whole world toward the use of the whitest of white bread is the fact that it contains the most available nitrogen. To be sure the whole wheat contains more nitrogen per pound of flour, but that which is in the bran is indigestible. Therefore, the man who eats a pound of white bread - poorer in nitrogen - actually absorbs more nitrogen into his blood than he who eats a pound of brown or Graham bread. Though we pay more money for the white bread it is cheapest in the end.

As wheat grows mostly on the low lands, and as all the world wants it in lieu of the corn, rye, and other cereals having less nitrogen, we see the real reason for that struggle for the low lands of the world - a struggle for nitrogen.

In view of all these facts, it seems dreadful for any scientist to advocate a nitrogen starvation similar to that in Europe. In time our overpopulation will be relatively the same - millions of immigrants are crowding in so that we will soon be as starved as European peasants. Let us put the evil day off as long as possible, and not welcome it under the guise of an unwarranted deduction of misguided Yale professors. Luckily, Sir James Chrichton-Browne, the famous English physician, has sounded a warning in England, declaring the new fad dangerous. Dr. Armand Gautier has even shown* that we are meat eaters by nature, and that as meat consumption decreases alcoholism increases - a ghastly evidence of the exhaustion of nitrogen starvation. Others even go further still and advise us to eat as much meat as we can, as there is no sure evidence that it does harm except actual gluttony.*  It is safer to eat too much than too little.

* L'Alimentation et les Regimes.

*  Dr. M. V. Huidonk of London.