The Herb Moon


John Oliver Hobbes

Third Edition, Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

" The jaded reader who needs sauce for his literary appetite cannot do better than buy ' The Herb Moon.'" - Literary World.

" A book to hail with more than common pleasure. The epigrammatic quality, the power of rapid analysis and brilliant presentation are there, and added to these a less definable quality, only to be described as charm. . . . ' The Herb Moon' is as clever as most of its predecessors, and far less artificial." - Athenaeum.

T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher,

The Stickit Minister And Some Common



S. R. Crockett

Eleventh Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

"Here is one of the books which are at present coming singly and at long intervals, like early swallows, to herald, it is to be hoped, a larger flight. When the larger flight appears, the winter of our discontent will have passed, and we shall be able to boast that the short story can make a home east as well as west of the Atlantic. There is plenty of human nature - of the Scottish variety, which is a very good variety - in ' The Stickit Minister' and its companion stories; plenty of humour, too, of that dry, pawky kind which is a monopoly of ' Caledonia, stern and wild'; and, most plentiful of all, a quiet perception and reticent rendering of that underlying pathos of life which is to be discovered, not in Scotland alone, but everywhere that a man is found who can see with the heart and the imagination as well as the brain. Mr. Crockett has given us a book that is not merely good, it is what his countrymen would call 'by-ordinar' good,' which, being interpreted into a tongue understanded of the southern herd, means that it is excellent, with a somewhat exceptional kind of excellence." - Daily Chronicle.

The Lilac Sun-Bonnet


S. R. Crockett

Sixth Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6 s.

"Mr. Crockett's 'Lilac Sun-Bonnet' ' needs no bush.' Here is a pretty love tale, and the landscape and rural descriptions carry the exile back into the Kingdom of Galloway. Here, indeed, is the scent of bog-myrtle and peat. After inquiries among the fair, I learn that of all romances, they best love, not 'sociology,' not 'theology,' still less, open manslaughter, for a motive, but just love's young dream, chapter after chapter. From Mr. Crockett they get what they want, ' hot with,' as Thackeray admits that he liked it "

Mr. Andrew Lang in Longman's Magazine.

11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.C.

T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher,

The Raiders


S. R. Crockett

Eighth Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s,

"A thoroughly enjoyable novel, full of fresh, original, and accurate pictures of life long gone by." - Daily News.

"A strikingly realistic romance." - Morning Post.

"A stirring story. . . . Mr. Crockett's style is charming. My Baronite never knew how musical and picturesque is Scottish-English till he read this book." - Punch.

"The youngsters have their Stevenson, their Barrie, and now a third writer has entered the circle, S. R. Crockett, with a lively and jolly book of adventures, which the paterfamilias pretends to buy for his eldest son, but reads greedily himself and won't let go till he has turned over the last page. . . . Out of such historical elements and numberless local traditions the author has put together an exciting tale of adventures on land and sea".

Frankfurter Zeitung.

Some Scotch Notices.

"Galloway folk should be proud to rank 'The Raiders' among the classics of the district." - Scotsman.

"Mr. Crockett's 'The Raiders' is one of the great literary successes of the season." - Dundee Advertiser.

"Mr. Crockett has achieved the distinction of having produced the book of the season." - Dumfries and Galloway Standard.

"The story told in it is, as a story, nearly perfect"

Aberdeen Daily Free Press. "'The Raiders' is one of the most brilliant efforts of recent fiction." - Kirkcudbrightshire Advertiser.

11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.C.

T. Fisher Unwin, Publisher,

The Grey Man


S. R. Crockett

Crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

Also, an Edition de Luxe, with 26 Drawings by Seymour Lucas, R.A., limited to 250 copies, signed by Author. Crown 4to., cloth gilt, 21s. net:

"It has nearly all the qualities which go to make a book of the first-class. Before you have read twenty pages you know that you are reading a classic." - Literary World.

"All of that vast and increasing host of readers who prefer the novel of action to any other form of fiction should, nay, indeed, must, make a point of reading this exceedingly fine example of its class." - Daily Chronicle.

"With such passages as these [referring to quotations], glowing with tender passion, or murky with horror, even the most insatiate lover of romance may feel that Mr. Crockett has given him good measure, well pressed down and running over." - Daily Telegraph.

11, Paternoster Buildings, London, E.G.

The Story of the Nations.

The Story of the Nations.

Modern England

The Story Of The Nations.

Large Crown 8vo, Cloth, Illustrated, 5s.

The Volumes arc also kept in the following Special Binding:

Half Persian, cloth sides, gilt top. Price on application.

1. Rome. By Arthur Gilman, M.A.

2. The Jews. By Prof. J. K. Hosmer.

3. Germany. By Rev. S. Baring Gould, M.A.

4. Carthage. By Prof. Alfred J. Church.

5. Alexander's Empire. By Prof. J. P. Mahaffy.

6. The Moors In Spain. By Stanley Lane-Poole.

7. Ancient Egypt. By Prof. George Rawlinson.

8. Hungary. By Prof. Arminius Vambery.

9. The Saracens. By Arthur GilmaN, M.A.

10. Ireland. By the Hon. Emily Lawless.

11. Chaldea. By ZenaIde A. Ragozin.

12. The Goths. By Henry Bradley.

13. Assyria. By Zenaide A. RA Gozin.

14. tUrKey. by stanley lane Poole.

15. Holland. By Prof. J. E. Thorold Rogers.

16. Mediaeval France. By Gustave MassoN.

17. Persia. By S. G. \V. Benjamin.

18. Phoenicia. By Prof. Geo. RawliNsoN.

19. Media. By ZeNaide A. Ragozin.

20. The Hansa Towns. By Helen Zimmern.

21. Early Britain. By Prof. Alfred J. Church.

22. The Barbary Corsairs. By Stanley LaNe-Poole.

23. Russia. Bv\V.R.Morfjll,M.A.

24. The Jews Under The Romans. By W. D. Morrison.

25. Scotland. By John Mackintosh, LL.D.

26. Switzerland. By Mrs. LlNA Hug and R. Stead.

27. Mexico. By Susan Hale.

28. Portugal. By H. Morse Stephens.

29. The Normans. By Sarah Orne JeWett.

30. The Byzantine Empire. By C \v. C. Oman.

31. Sicily: Phoenician, Greek and Roman. By the late Prof. E. A. Freeman.

32. The Tuscan Republics. By Bella Duffy.

33. Poland. By W. R. Morfill, M.A.

34. Parthia, By Prof. George RawliNsoN.

35 Australian Commonwealth. By Greville TregartheN.

36. Spain. By H. E. Watts.

37. Japan. By David Murray, Ph.D.

38. South Africa. By George M. Theal.

39. Venice. By Alethea Wiel.

40. The Crusades. By T. A. Archer and C. L. KiNgsford.

41. Vedic India. By Z. A. RAgoziN.

42. West Indles and the Spanish Main. By James Rodway.

43. Bohemia. By C. Edmund Maurice. [M.A.

44. The Balkans. By W. Miller.

45. Canada. By J. G. Bourinot, LL.D.

46. British India. By R. W. Frazer, LL.B.

47. Modern France. By Andre Le Bon.

48. The Franks. By Lewis Sergeant.

49. Austria. By Sidney Whitman.

50. Modern England. Before the Reform Bill. By Justin McCarthy, M.P.

51. China. By Prof. R. K. Douglas.

52. Modern England. Under Queen Victoria. By Justin McCarthy, M.P.

London : T. Fisher Unwin, Paternoster Square, E.C.