Take, they said, the great Atlantic lines of steamers, the great Pacific lines of steamers, the merchant steamers sailing every day from the port of London, from Liverpool, from Newcastle, from Glasgow, from Southampton, from every great seaport town - where can you find discipline better maintained? These vessels run all the risks that the war steamers have to face, except alone the rare risk of war, and it was not pretended even by the stoutest advocate of flogging that the blue-jacket was only inclined to fail in his duty when he had to encounter a floating enemy and a foreign flag. The finest of the merchant fleets had the additional disadvantage of having to carry on board great numbers of passengers, men, women, and children, whose presence at a time of threatened wreck must undoubtedly tend to increase confusion and to make the prompt and efficient discharge of the seaman's duty much more difficult. Yet the merchant vessels were able to do all their various and complicated work, although their captains were not entrusted with the right of flogging a refractory seaman. The arguments of the reformers prevailed in the end; and the flogging system was abolished both from Army and Navy. In truth it is hard to believe that any Government could have serious difficulty in manning either Army or Navy if reasonable and liberal measures were adopted to make it worth the while of a decent class of men to enter into either field of England's warlike service. The Navy, in especial, has always been dear to the general population of England. The Greeks of the classic days and the English of all days have been described as the only two peoples whose literature pictures the sea as a smiling and a tempting sight. The young Englishman of the poorest class has a natural fondness and aptitude for the sea; and although, even at the present time we have our occasional scares, and we find eager Anti-reformers crying out that the service is going to the dogs, there is no evidence to prove or even to suggest that England is likely to want seamen at any hour of national need. Time has proved that the naval service is all the better for the disenrolment of the press-gang and the abolition of the lash.