By way of preface it seems unnecessary to say much beyond stating that the intention is to supply amateurs and young professional cabinet-makers with a reliable guide to the construction of cabinet furniture. No attempt has been made to teach the thoroughly experienced artisan, and no new fads are advocated either in style or processes. The ordinary reliable methods of the workshop and nothing more are explained, and on this account the book will, no doubt, be of greater use to those for whom it is intended than if new theories, of construction as it ought to be,' according to many of those who presume to teach the skilled mechanic, had been advocated. It will, no doubt, have been observed by those who are interested in the subject that cabinet-making as distinguished from joinery has received scant attention, as with scarcely an exception the books professedly treating of the former only, have included much that pertains to the latter. Those who are practically acquainted with the manufacture of furniture will understand the reasons, which, however, it is unnecessary to explain here.

Those who may wish to have a further acquaintance with the construction of furniture, other than cabinet work, may be interested to know that it is in contemplation to treat of upholstery, fret-sawing, marquetry cutting, French and other polishing, etc., in other volumes.

It merely remains to explain that the chapter on brass-work has been, if I may so call it, edited by my friend, Mr. W. H. Bridge, who is well known in Birmingham and in furniture trade circles as an authority on the subject, and to thank him, as well as Mr. J. Thompson, for the kindly interest they, among others, have taken in this book, which has had the advantage of their criticism while in progress.

Thanks are also due to Messrs. Wm. Marples & Sons, Sheffield, for having kindly furnished illustrations of tools, which it will be noticed show their familiar trade mark, the shamrock. The Hibernia brand is sufficient guarantee as to the quality of any tools bearing it.

D. Denning.