Fig  31.  Square.

Fig. 31. - Square.

Pincers are used for pulling out nails other than screws, and similar purposes.

Pliers, though not indispensable, will often be found useful, either for cutting wire nails, etc, or as small pincers.

Fig. 32.   Try and Mitre Square.

Fig. 32. - Try and Mitre Square.

This consists of a thin piece of steel set at right angles either with a thicker piece of metal, or more commonly with a wooden block as shown in Fig. 31. Frequent use of the square is necessary both in setting out and testing the accuracy of work. A true square, therefore, is of the utmost importance. A good useful size is the six-inch. By the use of a combined try and mitre square, as shown in Fig. 32, either squares or angles of 450 can be regulated.