The knife is the slojder's indispensable and most important tool, and it is the first to be placed in the hands of a beginner. It is therefore important to select for slojd suitable knives of the best quality. The blade of the slojd knife should be made of good steel, about 4 inches long, and not more than

| inch broad. The edge should be straight, and the two faces which form it should extend over the entire breadth of the blade. The back of the knife should not be more than 3/16 inch thick. The blade ought not to taper to a dagger-like point, but should terminate as is shown in Fig. 46. The best angle for the edge is 15°. The other end of the blade terminates in a tang which slots into the handle.

A suitable slojd knife.

Fig. 46. Slojd knife   Naas pattern. 1/3.

Fig. 46. Slojd-knife - Naas pattern. 1/3.

A commoner, though by no means so suitable form of knife is shown in Fig. 47. Directions for using the knife are. given in Chap. V.